Monday, December 9, 2013

What a year it has been... What a year it will be.

Looking back at my last blog post, realizing it was just over a year ago, I am smacking myself for the time around New Years when I said, "I hope this year goes by fast." Wish granted much??  Going into 2013 I was headed toward a long list of big changes.  None that I should complain about, but BIG changes, nonetheless.  That human part of me knew what was coming and the anticipation of it all made me look more forward to when it was all over.  Now that it is, it's safe to say I would like to rewind.  Guess that is the beauty of blogging.  After such an eventful year which pushed blogging updates to the bottom of my priority list, what better opportunity to reflect and revisit than now.

The reader's digest version of my year is a list something like this...

- I rang in 2013 with my family in CA.
- Experienced my first blizzard.
- Took a spontaneous mini vacay to Nashville.
- Experienced my first and hopefully last city wide lockdown in Boston after the marathon bombing.
- Graduated from college with my entire immediate family in attendance.
- Endured the worst two summer classes of my entire school career.
- Took another spontaneous mini vacay to Austin.
- Got scammed by craigslist buyers/sellers twice in the same week.
- Packed and unpacked my entire Boston life 3 times due to being misinformed about shipping costs.
- Moved my world of 2 years in Boston back to CA.
- Snuck in a couple long weekend trips to Utah with my little brother.
- Jetted off to Europe for a life-changing month.
- Let's not forget trips to CA every 5 weeks in between all of that to work in the salon.
- Turned 26 and spent it with the most special people in my life.
- Headed to Vegas for one night of wonder.
- Shared the engagement of my best friend/ex-wife (if you don't know that story, you will).

Did I forget anything? Probably. That was my year and just typing out that list reminded me why I haven't had a second to breathe.  Today, I am leaving you with that.  However, I am excited to take these happenings one at a time and relive them in all their glory.  You gotta start somewhere right?

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