Saturday, December 1, 2012

CA, Meet- Snow.

Today marks the first day of snow since coming back to Boston in August.  Being from CA, snow was obviously so foreign to me aside from our family trips to Utah.  Going to Utah is always more of a vacation so actually living in the snow was something completely new.  There is something so peaceful and beautiful about snowfall, especially when watching it through a window (slight sarcasm with understanding to follow).  When I woke up to the snow this morning, I could not help but be reminded of my first outing in the snow experience last year.

As many have probably heard me complain about before, running errands in the city is not the easiest of endeavors, especially when most of the places you need to go are outside the city and you have no vehicle.  Luckily, my roommates boyfriend comes equipped with a car so when he has days off he so generously let's us use it for errands.  On this day, our mission was Target.  This happens every couple months and when we go, we mean business.  I'm talking two carts full and a hole in our bank accounts kind of damage.  We got all bundled up and ready to walk to his car down the hill from where we live. Parking is a pain around our building so it is a bit of a trek.  

I start walking down the hill in the snow and at first I am so excited, stomping in the fresh powder and just thinking 'wow, I live in this!'  A few more steps and things get a little more icy... a few more and I am slippin' and slidin' all over the place.  This got sketchy quick!  My roommate, Katie, turns around to see why "ahhh's" and "woooah's" are coming out of my mouth, stops me and says, "Chelsey, do you really think UGG boots are a good idea in the snow?"  I mean, I thought so.  In CA of course they are the go-to shoes for cold weather, right?  Wrong.  Can we talk about the fact they have literally no grip on them and basically serve as built in mini sleds on the bottom of my feet?  I suppose I should have known, but never living in these weather conditions before, I moved here and packed what seemed to be a sufficient collection of cold weather necessities.  

After that, I definitely had to rethink my uniform for the rest of the winter months.  I am now the proud owner of some super flashy snow boots with rubber soles, good grips and laces that go up to just under my knee caps.  Along with those, I have since purchased a face mask resembling those of burglars, mittens that might as well be used in the kitchen and a huge coat with more down feathers than the comforter on my bed. 

Lesson learned.  Bring it on wind, rain and snow!!!   

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