Friday, March 2, 2012

A Rookie Blogger Mistake... Oops!

A quick note to let you all know that in case you didn't notice, I re-directed my blogger address to my personal domain, The positive of this is that accessing my blog is now much easier. The negative is that I got a little ahead of myself and thought I knew what I was doing but in re-directing this blog I managed to make my studio blog non-existent. So, for the time being until I get it figured out, if you click on my studio blog tab it will say "not found". Luckily, I have not updated any of my work from this semester yet so you aren't missing out on anything! I will let everyone know when it is fixed and running properly again!!

All For The Sake Of Clean Clothes!

If there is one thing I took for granted before moving to Boston, it is doing laundry. Seems like such a small thing but in this city, not the case. In our building, we are on the top floor of a four story walk up, with the laundry so (in)conveniently located on the first floor. The only positive of that is getting our workout in going up and down and up and down, swapping loads and having to pull things out early because they don't need the full drying time. The negative being each load we wash is $1.50 and each load we dry is $1.25, which means we need a surplus of quarters at all times. How do we get all the quarters you ask? Well, if we're lucky, over time we have collected enough spare change to help us get through a couple loads. If not? Sometimes we time it just right and happen to hit the grocery store where we can get a roll of quarters. When those options fail, however, sometimes you have to resort to less convenient measures, which I experienced not too long ago.

During one of my long 12 hour days of class, my mind started wandering off into my to-do list for the weekend, reminding me of my overflowing laundry basket that needed to be tackled. But I knew I didn't have any quarters. As I was taking a class break, getting my raisinets treat out of the vending machine, I go to get out my cash and realize I only have a $20. Great, alllll those quarters in change for one little bag of raisinets... See where this is going? No need to drag out this blog post, bottom line- I am now the girl who stands at the school vending machine waiting for $19 in quarters to pile up just so I can do my laundry.