Saturday, February 11, 2012

Apartment Hunting In February For September

After the great journey of moving to Boston homeless last September and learning the hard way just how on top of finding a place you need to be in this city, I was determined to make sure my next place was locked in as soon as possible after the New Year. My roommate Katie agreed and since her experience in finding our place wasn't all that rosy either, although we were 7 months ahead of the game this year, we both went into the search with high anxiety. It was already a given that we were going to continue to live together next year, along with our new third roommate, Sam, who is going to fit in just perfectly, so at least that was set.

Immediately when I got back from my nice long Christmas break I hit Craigslist. There are so many places that go so quickly in such a small proximity of this city that taking the time to investigate each listing is not really beneficial. After what I went through last year, I learned that the best route is to copy and paste a general response to all realtors who have places of interest. From there, the ones that respond the quickest and friendliest get the pleasure of helping us find our next place, with only a short list of requirements :).

We planned out a day to check out some places and it was obvious all three of us had our fingers crossed hoping we would nail something down immediately (which seemed impossible after our previous experiences). The realtor showed us a nice handful of places, all located much more conveniently to our schools, groceries and T stops. Most importantly- eliminating the mile uphill incline we face daily. After the first couple places of awkward intrusions on half asleep guys who had clearly enjoyed their previous Friday night shenanigans, we pull up to our fourth listing, with growing grins on all three of our faces the closer we got to the apartment.

This place looked all too familiar. Why? Because the top half of the house belongs to four girlfriends I met through Katie and Sam. Too perfect. Without letting that decide for us too quickly, we knew it also had to meet our requirements. Three good sized bedrooms, nice functioning kitchen (we all love to cook), decent bathroom and laundry in the unit. Check, check, check, check! This place was perfect and the added bonus of the girls upstairs was almost too good to be true. The listing had just gone up and was already a popular hit so we definitely had to decide quickly. We debated looking further but the three of us easily agreed that this was the place. I am hoping to stay there for the rest of my time in Boston, as is Katie, so our main goal was to find a place that would be suitable for the next couple years.

We got on the paperwork immediately, contacting our parents for co-signs and writing out those lovely checks to secure the place. After getting everything in, we had to wait patiently over Superbowl weekend to hear whether or not we got the place. Which, we did!!! All we have left to do is go in this week and sign the lease agreement. From there, the countdown begins to get through the next 7 months until we get to move into to our amazing new place! Can't wait to be the only art school student surrounded by 6 girls who go to Northeastern, with majors that couldn't be further from fine art. I wouldn't have it any other way. These girls have helped make Boston my home away from home and I am so excited for all the memories we are going to have in the next couple years. More importantly, I am SO SO excited that I can rest easy for the next 7 months knowing that we have this great place to move into come September!

Sam, Katie and I out to celebrate landing our new place!!