Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I've Always Wanted A Blog!

So for awhile now I have talked about wanting to start a blog but I never knew what I would blog about... until now!  Starting this new journey in Boston, 3,000 miles away from anything familiar, feels like the perfect time to start sharing with the world all of my experiences.  The adventures I am having, the obstacles I am facing and challenges I am overcoming- the good, bad and ugly of all the new escapades.  It has been an overwhelming amount of change, which I knew I was ready for.  My greatest hope is that at the end of this new chapter I can confidently say I made the most of my experience here, took advantage of every opportunity that came my way, went out of my comfort zone, learned and grew into the person I want to become and accomplished all I was hoping to... and more!

I hope that this blog will serve as the perfect way to keep in touch with everyone in all time zones as well as be a way for me to document my adventures.  More than anything, I hope this blog enables me to share my adventures and discoveries with you all and make you feel that you are experiencing them with me.  My goal is for you to be entertained in some way, whether laughter or tears, by the tales I have to share.

Aside from my personal blog, I also started up a studio blog that was required for a class.  Feel free to follow along with that and see all the projects I am working on in school as well as the challenges and triumphs I face along the way.

I am so excited to get this thing up and running!  The first three weeks here in Boston alone have been enough to write a book about.  My goal is to catch you up with what has been happening so you can follow along with me from there!  Be patient with me, as this whole blogging thing is still very new.  I promise, however, to do my best at staying up to date from here on out now that I am settled in.  Alright, time to get to the fun part... here goes... ENJOY!!


  1. Dearest Chels, loved the blogs, what a start to your new adventure. Hugs Nana and Pops

  2. The cart blog is hilarious. The first few days in Boston, I agree, were exciting, hilarious, nerve racking and I am glad I was there to experience it with you. I am very proud of you!!! Love, DAD